About Avekshan

Avekshan LLC is a Florida company in the business of discovering, developing and marketing a new generation of treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Avekshan’s pipeline consists of non-narcotic, non-addictive and non-abusable drug candidates with demonstrated biological activity in laboratory tests. Our long term goal is to make safe and highly efficacious treatments for ADHD available to millions of children and adults who do not seek or receive treatment because of the side effects associated with the
current generation of ADHD pharmaceuticals.

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ADHD Facts

42 % Increase in ADHD Cases Over 8 Years
11 % Population in U.S. with ADHD
44 % Parents Seeking Better ADHD Treatments

Sound Science | Safer Solutions

From a GLP qualified lab to our team of doctors and industry professionals, Avekshan is dedicated to solving problems in the pharmaceutical industry through sound science and creative solutions.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Prevalent in both adults and children, ADHD is one of the most highly diagnosed cognitive disabilities. Over 3 million cases are treated each year and that number has grown 42% over 8 years. Stimulant compounds such as methylphenidate and amphetamine or their variants are the most frequently prescribed treatments. However, treatment with stimulant compounds is associated with a number of side effects. At Avekshan, we are striving to offer a safe alternative to the classic stimulant medications so that patients can have more and better options to preserve a healthy lifestyle.

Stimulant Medication

The medication used to treat most ADHD patients, and has a number of side-effects including potential for addiction.


It is estimated that up to 32% of patients prescribed ADHD stimulant medication do not fully comply with the prescription regimen beyond 4-6 weeks.

Untreated ADHD

Not treating ADHD properly can cause a series of debilitating effects in academic, social, emotional and personal lives. Untreated ADHD increases the risk for cigarette and other drug addictions and may increase the risk for anti-social (including criminal) behaviors.

Science for the Future

Developing Next Generation Medication

At Avekshan, our team of expert scientists, physicians and technicians is actively pursuing novel ways to address the serious side effects of current ADHD medications and discovering and developing safer and highly efficacious new medications. Our ability to think out of the box and apply sound scientific practices to drug discovery and drug development allows for new and safer treatments for global health problems. Although Avekshan is a relatively new company, we have a highly experienced management team in the areas of clinical planning, toxicology, regulatory affairs, and all aspects of drug substance and drug product manufacturing. In each of these key areas, Avekshan has one or more team members with 30+ years of experience and more than 30 FDA approvals in total.

Good Laboratory Practice Qualification

The stringent codes and regulations required for GLP qualification ensure that our work is performed according to the latest industry standards and regulations.

Product Focused Research & Development

We take pride in our unique approach to creating viable and effective products ready for the market in response to current and future needs and industry standards.

Scientific Excellence

Scientists and physicians from prestigious academic centers and a support team of experienced professionals ensure the highest scientific and clinical standards of safety and efficacy.


Dollars Spent on Medication per Patient Annually


Number of ADHD cases per year


Increase in ADHD cases over past 8 years

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