A New Era of ADHD Treatment

Norbinal seeks to change the game for ADHD patients seeking a next generation medication that is safe, effective, non-stimulant and non-addictive. Laboratory tests show Norbinal has excellent benefits with fewer side effects than current ADHD medications.




Norbinal seeks to stand out from the rest of the competition and become a better option for patients seeking a safe and efficacious treatment for ADHD. Norbinal will seek to initiate a shift away from classic stimulant medications to a safer non-narcotic medication that will increase medication compliance.


Tests conducted to date suggest that Norbinal ™ may be excellent replacement for traditional ADHD treatments. With nearly 44% of all ADHD patients seeking non-stimulant treatment, Norbinal™ will emerge as a safe alternative to fulfill this unmet need.

Every clinician seeks to bring a healthy balance in every patient’s life. Norbinal, with its unique benefits, helps clinicians achieve this goal.


Increased Awareness

Higher Focus

A Sigh of Relief for ADHD Patients